Hubba is like a dating app for wholesale Buyers and Brands.


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Discover incredible products

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Simplify your wholesale buying

Hubba is available 24/7, making the time-consuming art of sourcing new Brands a lot less painful.

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Discover quality products consumers will love

Hubba's recommended Brands are high quality and tailored to your individual needs, so you can go from discovering to stocking products quickly and with peace of mind.

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Do business on your own terms

Hubba lets you define how you work with a Brand. Ask questions and get to know the owner before any money changes hands.

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Get discovered by Buyers and grow your wholesale business

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Thousands of wholesale Buyers and distributors rely on Hubba to discover and stock the world's most incredible products. Search for Buyers and pitch your Brand in just a few clicks.

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Find and pitch to Buyers instantly

Hubba's personalized recommendations and smart search engine allows you to find retailers from around the world and pitch your Brand without the awkward cold calls or emails.

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Show up in thousands of Buyers' searches

Hubba lets you tell your unique story, helping you put your best foot forward, and putting your Brand in front of Buyers that are right for you.

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Real Buyers, real business

Hubba gives you the flexibility to work with Buyers on your own terms. Start with an open conversation, send samples, or move straight to the ordering process.

1,000s of Brands and Buyers meet on Hubba and do business every week

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It's free to join Hubba and start growing your wholesale business.